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At Suplex Trailers, it’s our goal to work with you to find the best trailer to suit your needs. We offer support in each step of the process: from buying your trailer to financing it to maintaining it over time. Our service locations across the country employ highly trained teams to offer a complete range of repairs, services, and regular maintenance. We curate only the most superior products at all our locations because we understand the importance of keeping your trailer at peak performance on the road.

Our horse trailers come in different pull styles and sizes, new to used, to fit every budget. The affordable bumper pull trailer is convenient and easy to tow without the need for special equipment. If you’re looking for a spacious option with exceptional towing capability, the sturdy gooseneck horse trailer may be a perfect choice. The living quarters trailer is ideal for anyone who is looking for a comfortable home away from home, and it can save you expensive hotel costs on the road. Non-living quarters horse trailers have more space inside for gear, dressing areas, and storage space. They’re perfect for quick trips and offer a convenient way to transport your horse

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2 Horse Trailers

As an example (generally speaking) you could pull a two-horse, bumper-pull horse trailer with a half ton pickup truck. If you’re pulling a gooseneck trailer, you’d better bump that truck up to a three-quarter ton. Adding living quarters? You’re probably looking at a one-ton

3 Horse Trailers

A 3-horse trailer may be anywhere from 10 ft. to 40 ft. long. Bumper pull trailers tend to be shorter, with a length between 16 ft. to 19 ft. Gooseneck style trailers with living quarters are typically between 21 ft. to 27 ft. 3-horse trailers weigh up to 2,800-3,900 lbs (empty).


4 Horses Trailers

What size is a 4 horse trailer?

The average 4-horse trailer is about 36 ft. long and approximately 7 ft. 8 in. tall, although the optimal height and length will depend on the size of your horses. 4-horse gooseneck trailers can weigh up to 4,200-8,400 lbs ( When empty).

Living Quarters

Living quarters means sleeping rooms, sleeping or housekeeping accommodations, or any other room or accommodation in any part of the hotel, rooming house or tourist camp which is available for or rented out for hire in the lodging of guests.

Stock Trailers

If you’re moving sheep, pigs, goats, or small ponies, all you really need is a lightweight bumper pull trailer. However, if you’re hauling multiple horses or cattle, you’ll need a trailer that’s tall, wide, and strong enough to transport them safely. A sturdier gooseneck-style trailer is probably the best option.

Horse Sadles

  1. Seat Size. The seat size refers to the size of the rider. …
  2. Gullet Size. The gullet size is a rough estimate of the width of the horse’s body. …
  3. Sweat Pattern. Once a saddle that appears to fit both the horse and rider has been identified, the next test is to ride in it. …
  4. Trial and Error.


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How tall is a living quarters horse trailer?

A four-horse living quarters trailer is usually between 7 ft. 6 in. and 8 ft. tall. The addition of living quarters generally does not have much effect on the height of the trailer, though some luxury options come with higher ceilings and multiple levels. A livestock trailer is typically about a foot shorter, around 6 ft. high.

If your horses are taller than 17 hands, it’s a good idea to choose a trailer that has an inside height of at least 7 ft. 8 in. Choose a model with an inside ceiling of at least 7 ft. high for horses that are between 14 hands and 16 hands. Horses that stand from 16 hands to 17 hands will do best in a trailer with a height of 7 ft. 6 in.

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We have experienced great customer service after the sale and especially since the dealer we bought our 3-horse LQ from no longer sells horse trailers.